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2021-12-23 09:17:43 By : Mr. Kris Liang

Gran Turismo 7 is getting closer. The saga, whose last numbered installment dates back to 2013, will return in style next March 4, 2022with the aim of offering the most realistic, advanced, accessible and complete experience of these twenty-five years of history of pure motoring passion. The series from Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Gran Turismo, has found on PlayStation 5 the perfect ally to make the definitive car simulator a reality; one with which to compete, collect and customize our vehicles.

Starting with the return of the mode GT campaign, Arcade and the Driving school, Gran Turismo 7 is pleased to confirm that we have back the long-awaited licenses, which we must achieve by passing tests that prove our skills at the wheel before embarking on trips around the world to demonstrate our skills on the track. Starting with a second-hand car until having a real temple with hundreds of vehicles of all makes; from classics to avant-garde supercars.

For the pleasure of driving. Let’s meet the ultimate simulator.

Past, present and future come together in Gran Turismo 7. Any fan who has played any of the six previous numbered installments will identify in this new episode the essence that made the series a myth; and in that feeling they enter directly circuits. Both real and original from the saga. The total figure will exceed 90 circuits (route variants included); under dynamic weather conditions both on real tracks and on classic tracks in GT history.

See again Trial Mountain, which has been present in all the numbered deliveries to date, means that we will once again set foot on the track of this mythical Sierra Nevada track. Fifteen curves that are recorded in your memory at the same speed as those of High Speed Ring, another original exclusive track for Gran Turismo. Just six corners in almost four kilometers of pure speed. For the first time in the saga we will be able to enjoy it in 4K resolution and with the immersion that the DualSense control will guarantee. Finally, it should be noted Deep Forest, the track set in the middle of a lush forest with which millions of young people grew up in the 1990s and early 2000s.

In the following video you can see what the mythical looks like Deep Forest (one of Kazunori Yamauchi’s favorite circuits within the selection of original tracks from the saga) in 4K resolution for PS5. The difference compared to Gran Turismo Sport is very big, especially if we consider the lighting details, the play of light and shadow, the sound of the vehicles and the nuances of color. The draw distance now has more detail than in any previous installment in the series.

The Gran Turismo saga has since its inception been an ode to collecting all kinds of cars. Because every vehicle, regardless of the era to which it belongs, is part of the automotive culture. As advanced Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Gran Turismo, in an interview with MeriSation last September, this seventh installment will include more than 420 cars. There are many surprises prepared for this installment, with the most important brands on the planet present in the dealerships of the long-awaited video game.

“Collecting cars is a fundamental aspect of automobile culture”, He commented. “Gran Turismo 7 features high-quality models of cars, but the game is also special for its wide variety of vehicles, including many of the most fascinating cars in motoring history.” Vehicles like the Ferrari 250 GTO, the Pontiac Firebird or the Toyota 2000GT will be present at GT7. In addition to prestigious brands such as Alpine, Aston Martin, Audio, BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari with about a dozen models, Jaguar such as the Jaguar Vision GT SV 2020 Lamborghini with the mighty Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision GT, Lexus, Mercedes (including the unforgettable 2017 Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power +), Porsche with the all-new Vision GT, Subaru, Toyota and a huge list more.

Collect, modification, lead Y personalize hundreds of cars to create your own collection for a dream garage. The new tools included will allow us to explore the capabilities of the most realistic driving simulator in the history of PlayStation. Gran Turismo 7 will be the delivery with more tuning options of the entire saga, which will open the doors to customize the vehicles in the way we want. This seventh numbered installment will bring back the GT Auto, the virtual workshop in which to modify the cars and customize all their aspects and configurations as we want. From the suspension to the brakes through tires, transmission and other aesthetic and aerodynamic modifications; everything to the user’s taste.

GT Cafe he is back and he does it as if it were a museum. This relaxed space, with jazz music and an atmosphere typical of a good cafeteria, will serve as a school due to its encyclopedic character. Playing Gran Turismo 7 also means attending motorsport history classes. In this space we will be able to complete missions to acquire cars from all over the world traveling to different corners of the entire planet. Thus, in addition to Brand Central (the dealers) and the second-hand car workshop, GT Café is another more entertaining and fun way to get cars to expand our collection.

As a curiosity, Yamauchi revealed in statements to this house that creating each car can take “about six months in total”; a clear example of the care, pampering and dedication deposited by Polyphony Digital when designing each of the pieces of this enormous puzzle. “Gran Turismo 7 is on a mission to pass on automotive culture and automotive history to future generations.” We talk about more than 150 years of motor history.

The DualSense remote is the closest thing to having a steering wheel with pedals at home … in the palm of your hand. The technology behind the new PlayStation 5 wireless controller translates into the highest degree of immersion ever seen in a video game console thanks to adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. GT7 wants to be a title designed for all audiences; suitable both for those who simply want to enjoy the pleasure of driving and those who spend hours and hours configuring the chassis, wheels, suspension and brake type in their favorite cars.

Find that Balance It has not been easy, but Gran Turismo 7 will be able to satisfy all types of audiences thanks to the use of this cutting-edge and sensitive technology, since we will literally have the feeling of having the car’s pedals glued to our fingertips. “With the DualSense we have taken advantage of the use of the adaptive triggers to simulate the vibrations of the ABS while activating them. […] The most important thing is how much control has improved thanks to the DualSense remote, “he told MeriStation. For example, it will be achieved a realistic braking feel, noticing a change in resistance the moment the brakes reach the limit and are locked.

Gran Turismo 7 will arrive equipped with two graphic configurations, depending on whether we are looking for a higher graphic quality (pure 4K resolution) or if we want to prioritize visual fidelity. One of the two graphics modes included in Gran Turismo 7 will be in 4K resolution dynamics with HDR and an image refresh rate of 60 frames per second. On the other hand, the mode Scapes It will allow us to contemplate the cars in our collection in more than 2,500 real environments while we take advantage of ray tracing.

To close the circle of immersion we have audio, essential to feel in the heart of the track. Thanks to the technology of audio 3D Tempest of PlayStation 5 – in compatible headphones -, we will be able to distinguish the position of the cars and pilots of the road with an incomparable clarity.

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