Best Charging Station and Dock for PS4 Controller of 2022

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This list is about the Best Charging Station and Dock for PS4 Controller. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Charging Station and Dock for PS4 Controller. I hope you like this list Best Charging Station and Dock for PS4 Controller. So lets begin: Check Best Charging Station and Dock for PS4 ControllerPowerA DualShock charging base for PS4OIVO PS4 Multifunctional Vertical Cooling StandIHK PS4 Controller ChargerAsterion Products PSVR charging stand with optional lightingBEBONCOOL PS4 Controller ChargerFinal words: Best Charging Station and Dock for PS4 Controller

Now you think, what is the PS4 charging station and how does it work in games? Relax..!!! The PS4 Charging Station is a charger that charges your game controllers and protects your PlayStation vertically which increases your gaming experience and helps you save your desk space and perfectly configure your gaming desk for your game.

The PS4 charging stations are also capable of connecting other devices for charging via the USB port. In the market, many brands of PS4 charging stations come with different features and styles. You must need the best PS4 charging station that meets all your needs and preferences and creates an encouraging gaming atmosphere for your games.

This is the officially licensed version and does exactly what you would expect. It charges a pair of DualShock 4 controllers at the same time and does so via the supplied AC adapter. That means you don’t need to have your console turned on to use this, and you can load up your controllers at any time, leaving them fresh every time you play.

It even has a simple design and the official PlayStation logo on there, as it is an officially licensed product. It doesn’t do much else other than charge controllers, so don’t try to hang your VR headsets, Move controllers, or wet clothes there; it will do nothing for any of these items. There is no cooling here, but you don’t need it just to load the drivers.

This Oivo offering has a multifunctional design that can fit any PS4 model. It offers faster charging of two DualShock controllers as it uses its EXT port, rather than the microUSB port, but there is no ability to charge the Move controllers. Easy-to-read LED indicators change from red to green when the controllers are fully charged. A metal frame with a non-slip base and two fans help cool down your PS4, potentially increasing its lifespan, and there’s also space to store up to 12 games between the bumps on the back of the unit. The base can be powered by the console itself or by a wall adapter, while a switch on the front of the unit turns off the fans when you don’t need them.

Another piece of minimal simplicity, but one that a designer has overlooked. Check out that subtle blue glow, the sleek thickness of the raised center stand for two DualShock controllers. It even has LED indicators that let you know when they are fully charged. What we like about this model is that it keeps your controllers in a more convenient position so you can take them out of the charger when you need them. On the back, it’s powered by any device with a USB port, so plug it into a wall charger or plug it directly into the PS4 console. It takes about an hour and a half to charge one controller, or 2.5 hours for two.

Deprived of drivers to load, this dock looks like a trophy won by a middle manager at a golf tournament. Packed with PSVR headphones, two DualShocks, two Move controllers, and some headphones, it looks like one of Boston Dynamics’ canine robots, ready to pounce. The aggressive look comes entirely from the PSVR’s stance, which isn’t even being loaded by the unit, instead leaning down on Schwarzenegger’s scowl of angry robots everywhere, and it looks particularly menacing with the lighting on.

This fast charging dock comes with a 3000 mA wall adapter, and with the fast charging port on the back, you can charge five PS4 accessories at the same time. An extra layer of thought has been put into its design: there’s a touch-sensitive button to control the blue lighting, and the PSVR cable can be neatly kept in a special slot so it doesn’t hang out the back. The accessories are packed tightly together, reducing the footprint of the base to just 10 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide.

Sometimes the simplest way is better. What else do you need than loaded drivers? Your PS4 has its own fans. A shelf will store your games. Your Move controllers don’t get used much and the PSVR lives on the ground. Happiness is a warm DualShock, and this foundation gives it to you. It’s compact, with LED indicators that tell you if your controllers are charged and gives you a place to put your controllers when you’re not using them, rather than leaving them connected to the console with microUSB cables. The base is USB powered, so you can connect it to a cell phone wall adapter. Use one with enough output, 5V / 1A or better, and the base will fully charge two controllers in two hours.

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