PS5 SCUF Controller Releasing Next Month

2021-12-23 09:18:40 By : Mr. Roger Cao

After a delay this past summer, SCUF Gaming announces a new PS5 controller along with details about its upcoming release.

Delays in the gaming industry are nothing new. However, when the community is waiting on new tech it can feel like an eternity. SCUF Gaming, a company that makes performance controllers, recently revealed that its next-gen controller for the PS5 will finally be released after being pushed back this summer.

For the PS5, Sony dropped the DualShock in favor of the DualSense, which is a fairly high-tech controller. However, it may not be the greatest controller for competitive gaming. Unfortunately, PlayStation still has no answer to the Xbox Elite controller, Xbox's premium controller. However, this could change this holiday season though thanks to SCUF.

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On Twitter, SCUF gave a status update on its awaited PlayStation 5 controller. Initially, the PS5 SCUF pro model of the DualSense was to be released sometime during the summer. Now, SCUF announced that “It’s happening.” In its message to fans and supporters, SCUF explained that the company was hit with supply chain hurdles that have affected the gaming and tech market throughout the pandemic.

Although SCUF did not give a specific date on when players can get their hands on the new PS5 controller, they have at least given fans a new target for the controller's release. Fans could see it as early as mid-November.

While there isn’t too much known about the PS5 SCUF controller, some of the details from the released image in the tweet look familiar to PS5 fans. SCUF appears to be preserving the overall design of Sony’s DualSense, which is to be expected. Key aspects for console competitive gaming such as Back paddles can also be seen in the picture. Back paddles are typically utilized in games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Apex Legends and can be seen on the rear side of the controller. Back paddles also open up better customization and button remapping options for players in and out of a competitive setting.

Recently, SCUF released the SCUF Instinct Pro controller for Xbox Series X/S, launching with “pro” features such as back paddles, trigger tension options, and on-controller mute options. Fans can assume that similar functions have been added to the new PS5 controller.

The SCUF Gaming PS5 controller has no official release date but is slated for mid-November.

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