Configure your gamepad buttons easily on Android

2021-12-23 09:29:02 By : Ms. Sunnie Chan

It is possible that you have a remote control at home that you generally use with your computer, and that you are thinking of using it with your Android phone or tablet.To achieve this in an optimal way, it is necessary to configure the buttons of your gamepad, something that you can achieve in a fairly simple way using an application.The development in question is called Game Controller Pad and with it it is possible to configure the buttons of your gamepad quite simply and, furthermore, without having to pay anything for it.The download is done from the Play Store, using the link behind this paragraph (the requirements are low: Android 4.0 or higher and 3 MB of free space).As for the installation, it is the usual one in the Google store, so in less than three minutes you have the development available with high security in terms of viruses and with the possibility of eliminating the development also in a way simple in case you can't convince.As we have indicated, what is achieved is that the Android terminals recognize the controllers compatible with HID in a simple way and, if necessary, it allows you to configure the buttons of your gamepad in the case of the default option that is included does not fit with what that you like or that some of the buttons do not work correctly.The operation is very simple, since by pressing each of the buttons on the remote control continuously, the option to use it is opened (the same happens with the triggers and the integrated joystick).In the case of wanting to start from scratch, you simply have to press the Reset button -in the upper right, with an icon with two arrows forming a circle-.By the way, the Material Design interface favors that the use is quite intuitive.Use a Nintendo 3DS or DS as a gamepad for your AndroidAn interesting application that allows you to configure the buttons of your gamepad without this being an ordeal as long as your controllers are compatible, something that you can verify with the development itself.